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Engine Degreaser

GREENWAYS™ engine degreaser are specialty designed heavy duty products for cleaning and degreasing of engines. Our engine degreaser’s removes oil sludge, acidic residues, grimes, sticky varnish residues from the engine components.  GREENWAYS™ engine degreaser offers excellent performance which results in saving in time, labor and money.

Key Features & Benefits of Engine Degreaser

  • Excellent heavy engine duty degreaser
  • Advance aqueous formula
  • Easily removes sticky carbon, soils, oils from the component
  • Safe on all engine components
  • Do not generate foam while degreasing
  • Non corrosive to all engine components
  • Effective in removing acidic sludge & soils

GREENWAYS™ Offers 3 types of Engine Degreaser

GREENWAYS™ HD#404 CX is heavy duty engine degreaser extremely suitable for heavy duty commercial automotive engines. ID#404CX engine degreases is specially formulated to remove sludge, oxidized oils, sticky carbon residues, soils and forbidden deposits.  Due to its excellent penetration power breaks the layers of sludge formed on the engine parts and detach from the parts.  GREENWAYS™ engine degreasers are safe on engine components and absolutely free from mineral acids which make huge impact on components  

Applications: Marine Engines, Heavy Commercial Vehicles

GREENWAYS™ HD#405 PL: Specially designed engine degreaser for light duty commercial vehicles goods transport / public transport.  Easily removes oxidized sludge, carbon deposits, and sticky soils from the components. 

Applications: Medium Duty Automotive Engines, Medium duty commercial vehicles

GREENWAYS™ HD #406 PC: Engine Degreaser Designed for private light duty vehicles, passenger cars,