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Waterless Hand Cleaner

GREENWAYS™ SP#123: Waterless Hand Cleaner
Advance eco friendly specialty heavy duty formulation to remove oil and grease from the hands without use of water. Its special formula removes total stickiness even without use of kerosene or soap. GREENWAYS™ waterless hand cleaner does not generate foam while cleaning. Product is designed only for industrial applications to remove oil and grease from hands. It removes total oil from the hands and make them skid free and after work one can wash hands with water.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Advance eco friendly   technology
  • Neutral PH formula
  • Absolutely free from solvents,
  • Free from caustic and other heavy alkalis
  • Do not generate foam while cleaning
  • Do not required water even if used required in very less quantity

Packing: 50 Kg