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Wax Grease Remover

It is time consuming job to remove wax from the surface even after wax  removal wax  surface is not free from oil .GREENWAYS™ had designed excellent product  which easily removes wax, grease from the surface and components and make them oil free. GREENWAYS™ wax grease remover is excellent and safe alternative to replace hazardous chemicals which were used from traditions.  GREENWAYS™ wax grease remover is easy to use product and can be used by dipping or by wiping out with cloths. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Advance water base technology
  • Easily removes sticky oxidized, old and new wax, oxidized grease from the surface
  • Excellent penetration and wetting properties
  • Excellent solubility for sticky fatty materials
  • Non corrosive to metals and its alloys
Product Code: GREENWAYS™ ID#    Wax Grease Remover