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Parts Cleaner

GREENWAYS™ offers heavy duty parts cleaners depend upon type of metal alloys, nature of contamination and amount of soils, oils to be removed.  GREENWAYS™ parts cleaners are absolutely safe on parts & do not impart any corrosion marks or deposits on the parts inner or outer surface.  Our parts cleaners offers excellent cleaning with no manual efforts resulting in labor saving, time saving & increase the efficiency of process. . GREENWAYS ™ offer parts cleaner for manual cleaning as well as parts cleaning in automated machines.  We can design and offer customized parts cleaners depend upon application demand, process time and desired cleanness.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Advance eco friendly technology
  • Excellent heavy duty parts cleaner suitable for basic metal and alloys
  • Non corrosive to almost all metals
  • Excellent cleaning at ambient temperature 
  • Free from solvents
  • Free from acids

Parts Cleaners offered by GREENWAYS™

IC#116: Parts Cleaner: Ferrous Parts and parts of ferrous alloys

Specially designed parts cleaner for ferrous metals parts, excellent cleaning at lower concentrations, No metal itching, suitable for dipping applications

IC#117: Parts Cleaner:  Ferrous parts which are difficult to dip
Specially designed parts cleaner for spraying and wiping out application, advance neutral PH formula, safe to human skin for longer term use

IC#118 Parts Cleaner:   Parts made up of Non Ferrous Metal Alloys 
Advance eco friendly parts cleaner designed for non ferrous metals and their alloys, absolutely safe on non ferrous metals and alloys, non staining free rinsing formula

 IC#119 Parts Cleaner: Copper & brass
Eco friendly parts cleaner specially designed for sensitive metals like brass and copper where ordinary cleaners damage the metal surface

IC#120 Parts Cleaner: Chrome Parts
Advance surfactant base system for sensitive metals like chrome, these are non staining cleaners which removes oxides, forbidden organic and inorganic deposits from the surface

IC#122 Parts Cleaner: Plastic and ABS