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Concrete Degreaser

Introduction: GREENWAYS™ HD#401 is a heavy duty concrete degreaser which makes concrete surface absolutely free from oil, grease, sticky soils and makes the surface skid free.

Key Features of GREENWAYS™ Concrete Degreaser:   

  • Easily removes layers of sticky oils,  grease soils & sludge from the surface
  • Advance eco friendly technology
  • Makes the surface non skid
  • Safe to handle easy to use
  • Non harmful to ceramic, concrete surface   
  • Free from acids and other hazardous chemicals

Product Description:

GREENWAYS™ concrete is a specially designed concrete degreaser for easy stripping of sticky soils, oils, fatty materials, polymers from the concrete floors. GREENWAYS™ concrete degreaser is a fortified multipurpose cleaner formulated to remove deeply penetrated oil, grime, other contaminants and surface residue from concrete.

GREENWAYS™ Concrete degreaser will clean the toughest dirt, soil, and grease making it the perfect cleaner for use in automotive shops, workshops, and industrial facilities for industrial strength cleaning and maintenance. GREENWAYS™ concrete degreaser make the surface just like as new one and make it skid free

Applications & Use of Concrete Degreaser:

GREENWAYS™ Concrete degreaser is excellent product to make the shop floor /work shop/ processing area   surface neat and clean
Concrete surface preparation prior to PU or epoxy coating 

How to use Concrete Degreaser

Surface application by brush or by spraying