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Paint Remover

GREENWAYS™: SC#619: Paint Remover

GREENWAYS™ offer heavy duty paint remover to remove the unwanted paint from the surface. Our Paint remover is extremely suitable for removal of industrial paints; lacquers epoxy paint, poly urethane coating and many more.  GREENWAYS™ Paint remover is safe on all types of metals. GREENWAYS™ paint remover is viscous in nature so very effective on vertical surface where ordinary paint removers tend to cling from the vertical surface.

Key Features & Benefits of GREENWAYS™ Paint Remover

  • Heavy duty viscous formula
  • Easily removes industrial and domestic paints
  • No scrapping ,no wire brushing
  • Unique viscous product minimizes application losses
  • Non harmful to all types of metals
  • No metal loss
  • Non corrosive to metals

Method of Use

Brushing, spraying

Applications of GREENWAYS™ Paint Remover

  • Removal of domestic enamels, oil paint, red oxides
  • Removal of industrial epoxies, polyurethanes
  • Removal of marine paints