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Oil Remover

GREENWAYS™ SC#616: Oil Remover  
Specially designed heavy duty oil remover to clean all types of oils irrespective of chemistry and nature of oils.  GREENWAYS™ Oil remover is aqueous products which removes oil very quickly and efficiently making the surface totally oil free.  Oil remover makes the surface totally free from sticky layers of oils allowing the surface idle for further process.  GREENWAYS™ Oil remover is absolutely safe on almost all metals as well as non metals & do not make any negative impact on surface to be cleaned.  It is supplied in concentrated form so can be effectively diluted with water for economical use. Dilution ratio varies from application to application and on nature of oil deposits

Key Features & Benefits of GREENWAYS™ Oil Remover

  • Advance water base technology
  • Excellent cleaning action
  • Heavy duty concentrated product
  • Very effective even at very high dilution ratios
  • Highly economical for bulk use
  • Non corrosive
  • Removes all types of oils