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About Begreen India

Introduction: With an immense pleasure we introduce GREENCHEM Industries as manufacturer of advance eco friendly industrial cleaning products totally based on green chemistry & indigenous technology. We have around 30 years rich experience of. Product development & manufacturing of specialty chemicals

We are at GREENCHEM Industries totally committed to make the best quality products compatible with new environmental regulations & safety norms. GREENCHEM Industries products are designed to provide the best all-around performance possible for widest range of applications. Our product range includes eco friendly metal cleaners, part washer fluids, solvent cleaners and advance technology base aqueous cleaners. Our core strength is to design develop products as per end users specifications, requirements & till date we had designed more than 20 different products for different applications & for many customers.

We have distribution network as well as we are handling few bulk customers & most of the end users were handled through dealer network. As our strength is in design, develop & manufacturing we do not focus on handling direct customers hence we are expanding our distribution network.

GreenChem industries offers

  • Improvement in HSE
  • Customized solutions

Improvement in HSE

  • We will study your current products and process their objctive, consuption apttern, actul importance with respect to end results. methods etc
  • We will replace your hazardous productswith eco friendly products
  • We will propose new process with products, benefits, if required we can plans trails for estabklishing smoother operations without compromising on quality of final products and bu keeping cost at minimum levels

Customized Solutions

  • Products as per most critical application
  • Products as per end use, end pplication
  • Retrofitting of products
  • Import Substitute
  • Eco friendly Substitute for hazardous chemicals, non eco friendly products
  • Process optimization
  • Replacement of hazardous products and process
  • Cost reduction
  • improvement in health, safety and environment