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Peel of Coating

Solvent free, air drying long peel off coating for temporary surface protection Dries quickly & offer tough flexible film on the surface which offer scratch resistance, contamination deposition, color protection to any metallic or non metallic surface. Film never becomes brittle & will not get crack or flake though it is bend through 1800C the applied film can be removed if & when it is not required. The film will protect the surface from plant contamination, dust & soils & keep the surface just like as new. It preserves the look of the finished goods, articles & painted surface while in storage, transits or in process.

Key Features of Peel of Coating:

  • Advance solvent free technology
  • Eco friendly
  • Flexible & tough
  • Odorless & safe on skin
  • Excellent adhesion to all metallic & non metallic surfaces
  • Non hazardous, non flammable, non explosive
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • UV Stable
  • Long term rust, dust, corrosion protection


Applications of Peel of Coating:

  • Protection of finished, colored metallic/non metallic parts in storage & in transits
  • Appearance & look preservation of domestic, export articles, equipments , ceramic articles, metallic articles ,glass ,wood ,plastic etc.
  • Scratch protection, color protection of painted surfaces ,finished articles ,parts, semi finished articles in storage & in transits
  • As a scratch resistance coating, color protection coating