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Industrial Degreaser

GREENWAYS™ offer heavy duty eco friendly industrial degreasers for various applications. These Industrial degreasers are based on advance water base biodegradable technology which ensures safety, performance and economy.  We offer industrial degreasers depend upon applications, use and nature of contamination. GREENWAYS™ Industrial degreasers offer excellent performance without manual efforts, these products offer time labor and cost saving. We offer industrial degreasers based on composition of metals so risk of metal corrosion is eliminated.

Key Features & Benefits of Industrial Degreaser

  • Advance eco friendly water base formula
  • Absolutely free from solvents and hazardous chemicals
  • Easily removes oils, grease, oxidized grease, sludge from the spares and parts
  • Non harmful to metal surface
  • Non hazardous in nature

 GREENWAYS™ offer various degreasers based on the application and possible method of use

1) GREENWAYS™ ID#501   Industrial Degreaser: Dipping Application
Heavy duty concentrated Industrial degreaser specially designed for removal of heavy accumulations of oxidized grease, acidic sludge and waxy residues.

GREENWAYS™ concentrated degreaser can be diluted with water in the ratio of 1: 10 to 1: 20 V/V

Suitable for soaking of large parts where contamination levels are very high, similarly extremely suitable for precious components difficult to handle.  It is excellent option for small components and precision cleaning & degreasing.

2) GREENWAYS™ ID# 504: Industrial Degreaser: Spraying Application
GREENWAYS™ ID #504 is extremely suitable for large surface where degreasing by dipping is very difficult 

This product has excellent wetting properties which makes it suitable for spraying application

GREENWAYS™ ID #504 is heavy duty industrial degreaser specially designed for spraying application
It can be diluted with water in the ratio 1: 30 to 1: 60 V/V

3) GREENWAYS™ ID #506: Industrial Degreaser: Wiping out Application
Heavy duty industrial Degreaser for most difficult and critical applications where spraying and dipping is not possible. This Industrial degreaser is neutral in PH and even safe on skin for long term use.

GREENWAYS™ ID #506 is a heavy duty degreaser designed to remove most stubborn sticky oils, residues, oil mixed soils form the metallic components

GREENWAYS™ ID #506 has excellent penetration power as well as wetting power which ensure maximum and efficient cleaning in very short span of time.

It can be diluted with water for economical use and its dilution ratio is 1: 5 to 1; 7

4) GREENWAYS™ ID#508   Industrial Degreaser for Non ferrous metals
GREENWAYS™ ID #508 is a heavy duty Industrial degreaser for degreasing application of non ferrous metals and alloys. This Industrial degreaser is absolutely safe on aluminum & its alloys. This specially designed heavy duty Industrial degreaser is safe on all non ferrous metals.

5) GREENWAYS™ ID#511 Industrial Degreaser for non metals
 Specially designed Industrial degreasers for degreasing of non metals , this product is based on advance technology which make them extremely safe on sensitive non metals. They do not make satins or deposits on the surface.