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Solvent Cleaner

GREENWAYS™ offers solvent cleaners depend upon application demand, nature of cleaning and amount of soils to be removed.

Key Features and Benefits GREENWAYS™ Solvent Cleaners

  • Free from hazardous solvents & chemicals
  • Excellent heavy duty cleaning
  • Low odors and controlled evaporation
  • Easily removes oil, grease, sticky compounds from the surface
  • Medium to fast drying options available
  • Safe eco friendly alternatives

GREENWAYS™ Solvent Cleaners

We offer specialty designed solvent cleaners for industrial cleaning and degreasing applications. These products are designed considering actual needs of end application, method of use and nature of contamination to be removed from the surface. GREENWAYS™ solvent cleaners have high electric strength hence without any risk they can be used for electric parts, electronic components.

These products were formulated with non hazardous solvents and additives which impart various properties like wetting, corrosion protection and controlled rates of evaporation. Many of our solvent cleaner’s offers are multipurpose products they offer cleaning, degreasing, moisture displacements. Nambe solvent cleaners are safe to use on all metal surface and also offers rust protection to the cleaned surfaces.

GREENWAYS™ Solvent Cleaners

  • IC#201:  Fast Drying Solvent Cleaner
  • Non hazardous
  • Excellent cleaning
  • Fast drying
  • Inhibits rust formation
  • Safe on skin