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Metal Cleaner

Metal Cleaner: GREENWAYS ™ Offers specially designed heavy duty metal cleaner for industrial applications. We offer metal cleaners based on the composition of metals, alloys types, geometry of the surface, possible application methods

Key Features of GREENWAYS™ Metal Cleaner

  • Advance eco friendly technology
  • No metal loss 
  • Free from hazardous chemicals
  • Excellent and efficient cleaning
  • Excellent economical alternative to mechanical cleaning
  • Customize metal cleaners as per the application demand

Product Description:

GREENWAYS™ metal cleaners are designed to clean the metal surface without  minor mechanical process like scrapping, grinding, wire brushing.

REENWAYS™ metal cleaner are non harmful, non staining to metal surface even for non ferrous metals also.  GREENWAYS™ Metal Cleaner removes metal oxides, sticky soils, oils, residues from the surface. Specialty of GREENWAYS™ metal cleaner is that they offer excellent metal cleaning without metal loss.

REENWAYS™ metal cleaners are absolutely free from hazardous chemicals.  GREENWAYS™ metal cleaners can be used with dipping application for extended batch life’s to achieve economy.  Our metal cleaners do not generate fumes, odors while in the cleaning process so causes no air pollution and do not harm to users health.

  • IC#103 –Metal Cleaner – Ferrous Metals
  • IC#104 Metal Cleaner – Non Ferrous Metals
  • IC#105 Metal Cleaner- Ferrous Metal Alloys
  • IC#106 Metal Cleaner –Alloys of copper and aluminium