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Heavy Duty Carbon Remover

GREENWAYS™ carbon remover is excellent alternative for mechanical operations to remove carbon from the parts, surfaces of rotating parts, engines as well as material handling equipments.  GREENWAYS™ carbon remover is designed to remove sticky carbon, wet carbon and hard carbon from the components and surfaces.  GREENWAYS™ carbon remover is free from acids and hazardous chemicals so it is safe to use in workshops. Our carbon remover is almost safe on metals and its alloys hence there is no risk of itching of the components and parts.

Key Features & Benefits of GREENWAYS™ Carbon Remover

  • Easily removes sticky dry and wet carbon
  • No need of scraping or wire brushing
  • Non harmful to almost all metals
  • Excellent penetration property
  • Suitable for dipping application
  • No metal loss
  • Non corrosive to metals

Application Method of Carbon Remover

Dipping is the best and idle method for carbon removal for tough applications