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Parts Washer Solvent

GREENWAYS™ offers advance eco friendly parts washer solvent for industrial as well as intuitional applications of cleaning and degreasing of parts. We offer part washer solvents for automated machines as well as manual cleaning.    GREENWAYS™ Parts washer solvents are totally free from hazardous chemicals so very safely used in manual cleaning operations.  GREENWAYS™ offers total 4 parts washer solvents depending upon application need and contamination to be removed.

 Parts Washer Solvents offered by GREENWAYS™

1) GREENWAYS™ SC#601: Non hazardous Part washer solvent for cleaning and removing materials like oils, cutting oils ,coolants etc. This parts washer solvent is formulated with non hazardous solvents and wetting agents and penetrating agents.  GREENWAYS™ SC#601 is ideally suitable for cleaning of finished or semi finished parts in mechanical process.

Key Features and Benefits of Parts Washer Solvents

  • Non hazardous in nature
  • Excellent and efficient cleaning
  • Non corrosive to all metals
  • Non harmful to non metals
  • Long batch life  
  • Dries fully and leave surface dry

Method of Use: Dipping or spraying Parts Washer Solvent

2) GREENWAYS™ SC#604:  Heavy duty part washer solvent for removing sticky materials like grease, paste and sticky sludge from the components and parts. This Part washer solvent has excellent penetration power so easily removes sticky compounds from the parts.

Key Features and Benefits of Parts Washer Solvent:  

  • Specially designed for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing
  • Non hazardous in nature
  • Non corrosive in nature
  • Easily cleans sticky deposits from the surface
  • Excellent wetting properties

3) GREENWAYS™ SC#605:  Fast drying part washer solvent which clean and dry the surface in very short time. This part washer solvent is ideal suitable for cleaning of light contaminations of oils, coolant traces, dust particles as well as cleaning of water base contaminations from the surface

  • Fast Drying
  • Excellent cleaning
  • Removes oils, dust, soils from the surface
  • Non corrosive in nature
  • Makes the surface dry for further process

4) GREENWAYS™ SC#609:  Heavy duty part washer solvent cum rust preventative ideal suitable for large parts and components.

  • Excellent cleaning
  • Cleaner cum rust prevention
  • Suitable for all metals