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Parts Washer Fluid

GREENWAYS™: Advance Eco Friendly Parts Washer Fluid
Parts Washer fluid-  SC#666 is excellent heavy duty parts washer fluid depend upon geometry of parts, method of washing, nature of contamination to be removed from the parts. GREENWAYS™ parts washer fluids are designed manufactured and supplied concentrated form hence   can be diluted with water for economical use.   GREENWAYS™ parts washer fluids are based on advance eco friendly technology which improves standards of environment, health and safety.

GREENWAYS™ parts washer fluids offers excellent cleaning and degreasing of parts with minimum contact time and at very minimum concentrations.

GREENWAYS™ part washer fluids are compatible with all types of industrial and intuitional parts washers. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Advance water base eco friendly technology
  • Excellent heavy duty cleaning and degreasing
  • High in concentration ensures maximum economy
  • Non corrosive in nature
  • Non staining to aluminum
  • Removes metal oxides, sticky deposits, oils from the parts

Method of Use

  • Automatic, semi automatic, parts washers
  • Manual parts cleaning by dipping, spraying or by wiping

GREENWAYS™ Part Washer Fluid for various metals and alloys

SC#666: Part Washer Fluid for Ferrous Metals 

  • Non corrosive to ferrous parts
  • Offer temporary rust protection


SC#667: Part Washer Fluid for Aluminum Alloys

  • No corrosive to aluminum and its alloys
  • No deposit formation
  • Free rinsing

SC#669: Part Washer Fluid for Copper & Bronze 

  • Remove tarnish from copper
  • No deposit formation
  • Non corrosive

SC#670: Part Washer Fluid for Tin Metals
SC#671: Part Washer Fluid for Stainless Steel