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Alkaline Cleaner

Specially designed alkaline cleaners for heavy duty industrial cleaning. Easily cleans metals, components, parts, irrespective of nature of contamination and geometry of surface, composition of metals and parts.

Key Features

  • Excellent and efficient cleaning
  • Easily removes plant contamination, soils, metal oxides
  • Easily removes sticky soils, oils, metal oxides from the surface
  • Safe on ferrous metals and their alloys 
  • Non hazardous in nature
  • Non irritating to skin


Product Details

GREENWAYS™ offers heavy duty alkaline cleaners which offers excellent cleaning of metallic parts, metallic surfaces. Our alkaline cleaners are specially formulated with advance surface active agents who enhance speed of cleaning and efficiency of cleaning. GREENWAYS™ alkaline cleaners are extremely suitable for heavy duty cleaning where ordinary cleaners were not suitable or results in higher cleaning costs. GREENWAYS™ offers alkaline cleaners depend upon end use, types of metal surface and nature of contamination. GREENWAYS™ alkaline cleaners very effective for removal of oil, grease and sticky contaminations from the surface. GREENWAYS™ alkaline cleaners are safe to use products which are absolutely free from hazardous chemicals.

GREENWAYS™ Offer various Alkaline Cleaners for dedicated applications & Use

  • GREENWAYS™ Alkaline Cleaners IC#330
    • Specialized alkaline cleaners suitable for cleaning by spraying where dipping is practically difficult
  • GREENWAYS™ Alkaline Cleaners IC #333
    • Alkaline Cleaners Suitable for cleaning by dipping for small parts and spares
    • Offers excellent cleaning and economy
  • GREENWAYS™ Alkaline Cleaners IC#336
    • Alkaline Cleaner extremely suitable for ferrous metal cleaning
    • Non corrosive to ferrous metal
    • Excellent results at ambient temperature
  • GREENWAYS™ Alkaline Cleaners IC#337
    • Suitable for non ferrous metals
    • Can be used by spraying, dipping or by wiping out.